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In April 2012, Cornwall hosted the first International All Ability Cycling Network Conference.

The All Ability and Inclusive Cycling conference held in Newquay was over 2 days, but 3 in total with the last day culminating in a ride along the Camel Trail in all sorts of amazing bikes.  This all comes on the back of support from both Lady Mary Holborow, the now retired Lord Lieutenant and Lord George who, 6 months before he died, dictated this by phone. 

"I remember when the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Ed Balls, visited the Sir James Smith School in Camelford and he specifically referred to the provision of sport outside of schools that must benefit the community as a whole, including those with disabilities. The Wheels for All Centre in Cornwall is a wonderful way of addressing that objective and I wholeheartedly support the project. I hope that the commercial sector in Cornwall will feel able to contribute to the funding of these specialised bikes.


Day 1 - The British Cycling Disabled Workshop and centre, Isabelle Clement holding the 'Hosts' trophy as hosts for the 2013 conference

Day 1 was the British Cycling Disabled Cycling course, hosted by Newquay Sports Centre and funded by a Childrens, Young People and Families grant to benefit the local community.  14 delegates attended the workshop and had a fabulous day, including trying out the different bikes that were provided by Quest 88, the UK distributors for Draisin GmbH and Invacare.


Day 2 - The conference which was opened by Vin Cox and later Lady George presented Cornwall with the Draisin

Day 2 was the conference itself which was the first international conference with delegates from both the States and Europe - All ability and inclusive cycling is definitely the next big thing with Europe leading us but the UK leading the US!  There were also appearances supporting the event from Marshall Jansen, the young man who has no hands or legs due to meningitis 4 days after his first birthday, Vin Cox, the Guinness World Record Holder for circumnavigating the world totally unsupported and Chrissy Nelson, a paediatric nurse and friend of the real Patch Adams MD, who flew over from the US for the conference. 


The star of the conference of course, had to be little Marshall Jansen of

Also Lady George came to formally present CycleAbility SW, Cornwall's All Ability and Inclusive Cycling Club with their brand new Draisin Twister, purchased with funds managed by the Cornwall Community Foundation and our first Hand Crank bike.  Both these were used on Day 3, when there was a ride along with all the amazing bikes provided by Quest 88 were used from Wadebridge to Padstow and back, organised by the Camel Trail Rangers from Cornwall Council.


Day 3 - The Try outs and

Day 3 had both a try out period and followed through with a ride from Wadebridge to Padstow and back, with refreshments provided by Treats on Trikes, the licenced commerical business on the trail and Crepes when we got down to Padstow Harbour.  The tryouts with various bikes, were provided by Bob Griffin from TomCat Trikes, Ian Tierney and Hermine Briffa from Cycling Projects, Rob and Nicky Henshaw, Martin Griffiths, James Morant of Quest 88 and Michael Denu of Draisin GmbH.

The actual ride out and sight of some of the rather specialised bikes along the Camel Trail certainly caused a bit of a stir with lots of people turning to look and a from the comments, appreciating the benefits they provide!  The bikes that were used included a Draisin Plus, a Draisin Duo, an Invacare Hand Crank, a Draisin Relaxino and the Draisin Twister donated by Lady George which earlier in the day had allowed a young lady with hydrocephalus to cycle for the first time, sitting along side her mother.


Like both Lord and Lady George, the Twister will be of HUGE benefit to the Cornish community and CycleAbility would personally like to thank Lady George for this wonderful gift to Cornwall.

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